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15 Jul

It always made me felt great working with a group of young, passionate & energetic university students over a weekend at Pork Dickson.

It is indeed a wonderful experience which I was invited to conduct the SCHOLARS’ TRAINING PROGRAMME for 15 university students coming from different background, engineering, medicine, laws, business, pharmacy & accounting. We spend a great weekend in Bayu Bay Resort, Port Dickson going through some learning points on mindset alignment, expanding comfort zone, communication skills, team works, leadership & etc…

Thank you for all your great participation and wishing the very best success on your study and career. I am sure you all are going to be somebody someday… Special appreciation to my best buddy /co-trainer James Ong for your time and efforts being with us over the weekend

Date: 5th – 8th July 2013

Photo details: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.487598177984019.1073741834.118765318200642&type=1

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The Journey of Entrepreneurship

7 May

1. stay alive and keep doing what you do best… never give up
2. all success take time, don’t give up when there are challenges
3. stay strong… you’re stronger than you think
4. persistent is the key, keep moving forward
5. fake it until you make it; success happen in your mind before in reality
6. don’t compare yourself with other, everyone has their own success path
7. right before the grand success, there is always the dip. stay clam, stand up and continue the jouney
8. finally you are there… SUCCESS occur when opportunity meet preparation

all the best!!

The Journey of Entrepreneurship

The Journey of Entrepreneurship