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Alibaba Hangzhou Dream Trip (Part 2) / 阿里巴巴杭州之旅(二)

12 Mar

#Alibaba has two main campuses (offices) in Hangzhou China, One of them is Alibaba’s Bingjian Campus (located in the Bingjian District) while another is Alibaba’s Xixi Campus (located in the Xixi District). The distance of both campuses is about an hour drive apart.

We first visited the Alibaba’s Bingjian Campus – there are a total of 5 building blocks on this campus, it housed almost 7000 employees who are working on the Alibaba B2B business (primary focus on Alibaba.com). When we first arrived at the campus, everyone is so excited finding the right spot to take photos with the Alibaba’s signboard, despite the weather temperate on that morning is only at 6 degrees but who cares anyway.

After we are done with our photos taking, we were asking our host where is Jack Ma’s office? Is he around? But too bad luck wasn’t at our side, he was not around. Well, what to do? We proceed touring the campus and later went on to our training room and continue with our e-commerce training.

On the following day, we visited the Alibaba’s Xixi Campus, this is much larger campus compare to Bingjian (like 5 times bigger) and it housed near to 20,000 employees. Alibaba’s Xixi Campus is the primary business hub for Alibaba group, companies like Taobao, TMall, Alipay, AliExpress, Ant Financial, Cainiao and others are all located in this gigantic campus.

The design of these two campuses looks more like a university than a commercial office. You can find there are canteens, restaurants, convenient stalls, library, laundry shops etc. And should you work in Alibaba, you need to address your colleague and manager as “classmate”.

This probably is Alibaba’s culture that Jack Ma wish to cultivate – a university working environment could inspire the Gen Y better, I guess.

to be continued ~~


#阿里巴巴 在中国杭州其实是有两个不同的园区(办公大楼)。一个是座落在滨江一带的阿里巴巴滨江园区,还有西溪区的阿里巴巴西溪园区,两个园区的距离大约是一个小时的车程。


当我们到达了阿里巴巴滨江园区的第一件事就是迫不及待找着有阿里巴巴招牌的角度拍照,感觉就怕没人知道我们来了阿里巴巴总部。哈哈。(没办法,我们都是第一次到来,当然兴奋至极了)。当照片拍完、满足后,另一件重要的事就是看看能够见到马云这位神人。但可惜马总不在 。就连马云本身的员工,也没有太多的机会见到马云本尊,他们和我们一样,也只是在网上或报章上见到马云。






Alibaba Hangzhou Dream Trip (Part 1) / 阿里巴巴杭州之旅 (一)

11 Mar

Alibaba, Jack Ma, 阿里巴巴, 马云

It’s indeed a great honour to be certified by #Alibaba for becoming an “Alibaba.com GET Lecturer” in Malaysia. Seriously the selection process was much tougher than I thought, at first when I signed-up for the certification course I was thinking it is just like any other certification courses, as long as you completed the training, you surely will be certified.

But it turned out to be not the case, we have to go through not only the training but follow-up with an online examination, presentation and an interview. And finally, out of the 30+ people who attended the process, only three were selected and thank god I am of them. And shortly after the final decision was announced, three of us were invited to Hangzhou, China for this amazing trip.

Jack Ma and his company Alibaba had always been a big name in me, they had created many unbelievable sales records, but exactly how big are they? Actually, I do not have a very clear picture until I have the first-hand experience during this trip.

Alibaba had accomplished many extraordinary works for the last 20 years, they have made global trading become easy and convenient. As stated in Alibaba Group’s mission statement “is to make it easy to do business anywhere.” And they have done it perfectly.

During these few days, I have learned much about #ecommerce, especially on strategies and technique on how Alibaba.com could help our local SMEs better in their exporting business. In Malaysia, we have many great SME company that produced excellent products, many of them are lacking an effective way to source for more high-quality leads. And I would believe that Alibaba.com is the answer to such problem.

For the last two decades, tens of thousands of businesses around the world have successfully leverage on the B2B online platform of Alibaba.com to source for their dream supplier and customer. And now being is a Business Coach and Alibaba.com GET Lecturer is my duty and mission to help more local SMEs to achieve this.

For the next couple of days, I shall be sharing some of the interesting, fun experiences and e-commerce business tips on what I learn during this Alibaba Hangzhou trip.

So stay tuned for more.


经过了重重的难关(上课、考试、演说、面试等)终于被 #阿里巴巴 选定成为在 #马来西亚 首三位获得 阿里巴巴认证的讲师 (Alibaba.com GET Lecturer)之一。

也因此原因,被阿里巴巴邀请到中国杭州走一趟。这次的旅程也真的是让我大开眼界,虽然我明白阿里巴巴集团是一间规模非常大的互联网公司,也了解到 #马云 是像神一般的企业家,他所说的每一句话都像是神化般的有道理、有震撼力。不过当我有机会真正亲身去体验这个象征神人的公司时,我才真的了解到,阿里巴巴到底是有多么的巨大和它们所做的一切,都是在改善着许多人每一天的生活,有如阿里巴巴的使命所提到的~“让天底下再也没有难做的生意”。

在这个旅途中也让我学习到不少有关 #电子商务 的专业知识,由其是如何的善用 Alibaba.com 这个独特的B2B平台来为我们马来西亚的中小企业发展更多的出口业务。中小企业在马来西亚缺乏的不是知识或技术,而是一个引线平台,有效的把在全球各地的潜在客户引进来,把生意做的更大更好。而 Alibaba.com 正是这个领域上做得最好的平台之一,它们已经帮助了成千上万的中小企业穿针引线,打造了无数的商机,而我有幸能够成为 Alibaba.com的认证讲师,就是要帮助更多的本地中小企业达到这个目标。

当 SmallFish 对接上 Alibaba.com 时会产生出什么火花时?我们就拭目以待。。。



08 – 为时间涂上颜色

7 Oct




Small Fish Visitation to Corporate Hero Century Sdn Bhd

6 Oct

Business Coach LeikHong BizCoach have paid a visit to Teoh Chia Chun’s Corporate Hero office located at Sungai Petani.

Corporate Hero is a company that produced all kinds of corporate gifts – ranging from corporate uniform, t-shirt, cap, recycling bag and etc. Basically, if you need to do a customized gift, this is the hero you should be calling.
CC Teoh run a very in a very interesting company, he had successfully transformed a conventional business into a high values-driven company. Not only it produced high-quality corporate gifts but also a working environment that is really 1-Malaysia.
Teoh started his career as an engineer, while he doesn’t see much future in his career back then, he decided to come back to his hometown at Sungai Petani and helps his father who was a tailor as a sales person. He begins to approach companies, government agency, schools and associations who like to tailor made their organization uniform.
After much efforts, he realized that customized corporate uniform and T-Shirt is the trend and therefore he started his own company in 2006. Now Corporate Hero had been well established in Sungai Petani and been supplying all gifts and products not only in the northern region but across Malaysia as well.
复仇者联盟英雄,大家听得多;企业英雄(Corporate Hero),倒是挺新鲜的称号。尤其是在印制制服行业中,与“英雄”好像扯不上关系,但偏偏这家企业,确实是顾客心目中的英雄。
说起制服印制业,其实也算是夕阳行业的一种。惟,Corporate Hero Century Sdn Bhd 就正好颠覆了传统的制服印制业的经营模式,把”夕阳”扭转成”旭阳”。Small Fish 团队这次就北上吉打州双溪大年,一一为您揭开这企业英雄到底是何方神圣。
位于双溪大年市中心的Corporate Hero 拥有一站式的印制服务,从设计、起版、打模、印制、发行,一手包办。除了制服、T恤之外,还有印制帽子、环保袋、杯子等等。基本上,能够印制的物品,都可在这里找到。
说起Corporate Hero,就得从拥有电子工程师背景的”英雄创办人”张佳骏说起。Corporate Hero的成立,与他有个当裁缝师的父亲有着密切的联系。当年张佳骏虽投身在工程师行业,但心系企业,最后决定加入父亲裁缝事业。他笑言,父亲在他加入时曾说,要他拿针线当裁缝有点难度,倒不如让他成为“市场销售先锋”,为父亲带来更多的客源。
也因为在外勤跑市场,反而让张佳骏更了解整个裁缝行业的大环境趋势,更有感传统经营模式并不能够让裁缝业有更大的突破,因此萌生创业念头,而Corporate Hero就在2006年正式成立。
他将这限制转换得更具伸缩性,特别印制出现成的T恤制服,再让顾客选择加上想要的设计或标志等等,且重要的是,可以依据客户要的量,方便了不少只需要少量订制的客户。尽管事业踏上轨道,但张佳骏仍旧不断思考,让企业茁壮成长的同时,不断注入新元素,成为新世代的制服印制业。而目前,其企业着重在丝印技术(Silk Screen),呈现出更有素质的印制技术。而他也不断地引入外国的新产品,让客户有更多选择。
张佳骏也明白,事业上除了要拥有完善的体制之外,还包括团队。这说得也是,在Corporate Hero里头,每个员工如同英雄般各司其职,从设计、缝制、印制、素质管理等等,专业地把所有工作顺利做好。
值得一提的是,在Corporate Hero里是名副其实的”一个马来西亚”,三大种族都在同一个屋檐下工作,那种融洽氛围,让您看了都大为感动。而张佳骏也感恩,员工们都不会给他制造麻烦,且衷心度高,人力流动量也很低。他透露,紧接下来的Corporate Hero也将着重在社交媒体管道上,同时也逐步提升公司内的企业文化,提高员工的素质及增值机会,让员工与企业一同成长,发光发热。
在整个企业交流拜访过程中,Small Fish 创办人兼企业教练廖翊翃也赞赏Corporate Hero张佳骏的企业精神。
他也指出,目前很多企业开始朝向”企业参观团”(Corporate Tour )的发展, 透过参观团来了解某企业的运作与核心价值所在。他认为,Corporate Hero正好具备了企业参观团的条件,尤其是整个印制过程中,每一个步骤都让参观者获益良多。
他补充,透过企业参观团的方式,让参观者更了解Corporate Hero的专业运作方式,从中提升参观者或客户对Corporate Hero的信心,也因此提高Corporate 的知名度。
此外,他也赞赏张佳骏的”英雄”创意思维,把传统的制服印制业经营得有趣不乏味。同时,他也建议Corporate Hero在举办企业参观团时,应更凸显该企业的核心价值,同时也塑造员工们更专业的形象,让员工们为自己的英雄使命感到自豪,也更积极地为工作卖力。
当然,他也认为,除了赢得客户的心之外,公司内部给予员工的成长机会及提升也是不可或缺的,因为一个企业除了文化,经营理念,顾客体验重要之外,员工同样重要,就如Small Fish企业里常提及的方程式:
Brand= Purpose+ People+ Culture

Small Fish Business Youtube Channel

15 Sep

Small Fish Business Youtube Channel 

Creating an online Youtube Channel is something I always wanted to do, but for whatever reason, this task has been keeping delaying. Maybe one of the reasons is I did not have a good enough background to show cast my materials, well all this has now be resolved with the help of Ace Dot My.

I like to express my sincere thanks to Alex Chew (Founder and CEO of Ace Dot My) and his team for allowing me to use their #SmartONE teaching board.

The SmartONE is really a piece of high-tech technology tool for presentation, where I could upload and showcase my materials in almost any formats (text, pdf, powerpoint, photo, music, video, web & etc). As you can see from the video, it made my sharing really easy and convenient, all I need to do is just point my finger on the screen and all the wonder and magic will just happen by itself.

Furthermore, I can also sync the screen directly from my laptop, tablet or smartphone with SmartONE, with just a click of a button. Making presentation and conducting meeting effortless.

With the help of my good friend Vaniss Lee (CEO of Lee Video Production) and her crew members, we shooted 6 videos sharing about the topics of the marketing idea, strategic, branding and sales. Each of the videos is going to upload on the Tuesday of every week for next 6 consecutive weeks. So if you like what you see, please do share with your friends and colleagues.

#1 Small Fish Business Channel – The Definition of Marketing – http://bit.ly/SmallFishC1

Learn more about SmartONE, visit to http://www.ace.my/

Learn more LEE Video Production, visit to http://www.leevideo.com.my/


07 星际大战之品牌觉醒

15 Aug



星际大战(Star Wars)这经典的长青电影可说是电影史上最成功的系列电影之一,也拥有了40年历史的“品牌”。这“星战品牌”风靡全球,引起星战效应,除了归功于导演乔治.户卡期所创造的太空世界与它精彩的故事情节之外,最大的功劳还是归于世界各地的超级星战迷与粉丝。
愿原力与你同在。May the force be with you.