2013 Journey Begin

Today is 11th Feb the second day of CNY and again i have missed my mark for a blogpost a month on January. Nevertheless here are some of the catch-up.Year 2013 has been fascinating, i have been enjoying every bite of it.Every since i graduated from Rotaract back in 2010, i kind of been laying back... Continue Reading →

Pick up for January 2012

First post writing for the year 2012. Today is the third day of Chinese New Year. Today is the day I do some productive activities, comparing the past few days was mainly with TV and some books. With this I decided to start writing a new post. Looking back to my calendar of January 2012,... Continue Reading →

Installation of RAC Penang RY 2010-11

On Aug 07 2010, marked my final installation dinner as a rotaractor. It was a complex mixture of feeling, i was indeed happy that i have finally graduated from this wonderful organization with the great pleasure that the RAC Penang is in good hand; on the another side i too felt sad leaving an organization... Continue Reading →

Rotaract – Journey of a Decade

Rotaract from Sept 1999 – June 2010 This moth marked the end of my long journey of Rotaract. It has been fruitful 11yrs, looking back how I started all of these? It was all just about a dream --- A dream that I have on myself. Non of these were planed, Rotaract came into my... Continue Reading →

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