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2013 Journey Begin

11 Feb

LeikHongToday is 11th Feb the second day of CNY and again i have missed my mark for a blogpost a month on January. Nevertheless here are some of the catch-up.

Year 2013 has been fascinating, i have been enjoying every bite of it.

Every since i graduated from Rotaract back in 2010, i kind of been laying back and not actively involve in any NGO. Not until recently i got invited to be apart of the working committees of Franchise Seminar organized by ARFF / PUMM. I was given an easy task – to  manage the registration front counter with a group of JCI members. It was a pretty exciting event working with a group of young talented people, reminded me the old days with Rotaract, how we had spend days and nights to get an event up and running. And I always enjoy working with a group of passionate people who like to get things done.

I think PUMM is organization for me to explore further and recover back my passion to serve an organization.

We have our BusinessRICH Bootcamp really early this year, thanks to marketing efforts from StarightTalk. The synergy level from the team is simple amazing. This is going be first of many BusinessRICH bootcamp to come throughout the entire 2013.


BusinessRICH Jan 2013

Within the month of January, i have conducted twice on the topic of Social Media, the first round was in KL, organized by BridgeKnowle with a group of business executives and the second around was with StarightTalk in BM. With the acknowledgement of Social Media marketing is carrying much weight in the business community, I begin to receive many invitations to talk and train on the topic.

BridgeKnowle Social Media Marketing Workshop

Bridge Knowles Social Media Marketing Workshop Jan 2013 – Kuala Lumpur

StraightTalk Social Media Marketing Workshop Jan 2013 - BM

StraightTalk Social Media Marketing Workshop Jan 2013 – Bukit Martajam

With the influences from couple of friends, i have resume my evening running/jogging + walking session back on the month of Jan. Not because i want to be like them participate in marathon race; it is simple because i like to burn some calories and it is a easy sport for me, spending almost an hour running from my house to Gurney and back. In the month of Jan i had run 5 times, not bad for a start…



潘建成 – 为自己争气

4 Dec

一相来我都很抗拒在电脑打中文, 一来我的汉语拼音实在很烂,打一篇文章可要费上好多时间。二来我一直都比较从洋,心里一直想说英文是个比较重要的语言, 就把中文输入法忽略掉了。

但听了潘建成的一席话后,身为华人那里可以不识中文, 最后还是决定由一个一个中文字把这一篇文章打出来。

PUMM BOSS Academy _ Poster_LeikHong

上个星期天出席了Dato’潘建成在槟城PUMM企业分享会, 我好久都没有听到那么棒的中文演讲了。 演说完了以后我还第一时间跑到外面摆卖的书摊买了一本潘建成的书 –“为自己争气”。 又好不容易才挤到他的面前让他为我买的书签名。


潘建成 Signing my book_LeikHong



要把一个企业从没有到有, 从负债到赚钱是个很漫长旅途。群联电子一路走来实在不容易。





p/s: 好不容易打了500 多个字