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Mobile Marketing for Digital Profit Club

23 Nov

November 2011 is n exciting month. Many tasks for 2012 has been crafted and set within this month. I’m really looking forward to a new and wonderful 2012.

The topic I shared for Digital Profit Club on 9 Nov is soon going to be a hit in our region moving forward – “Mobile Marketing”.

Looking at the increasing usages of smart phone these days, needless to say the mobile’s industry is going to turn out huge for the market. So let take a look on how and why mobile marketing going to be explode in term of marketing.

Mobile has now become our second shadow; each of us will now carry a mobile phone basically everywhere we go. We just can’t live without a phone anymore. On top of that, mobile phone is a personalized item, just like our wallet and purse. We kept and stored our personal information on our phone like: our contact list (we named our friends the way we wanted to be), calendar, notes, pictures, songs and many others.

Being able to mobility market to phone owners is definitely a new niche’s way of marketing. You get to the target audiences directly and personally.  Below are the 6 majors’ matters of Mobile Marketing:

  • SMS
  • MMS
  • Mobile Web
  • Bluetooth
  • Location Based Marketing
  • QR Code

Refer to the power point below for more information about Mobile Marketing.