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7-Steps Retail | Service Framework

8 Apr

Running a retail or a service business sometime can be really frustrated if you do not have a plan or system on what to do.

In this post, I’m going to share with you a #simple, #easy_to_do framework that you can reference on.

Retail Framework.001

(click on the image to download the cheat sheet)

Framework breakdown:

There are 3 phases in this framework: – Discovery, Development & Delivery

1. (discovery) – Value: First you need to uncover the true reason #why (passion??) you started the business? Your passion is going to carry you through the entire entrepreneurship journey.

In the same time, what are some of the core advantage of your business? What are you good at? How these going to add value to your customer?

2. (discovery) – Target: Speaking of the customer, do you know exactly WHO is yours preferred customer? WHAT do they look like (psychographics)? And WHERE do you find them?

And very important: NOT everyone will be your customer, so DO NOT market to everyone, find your niche and.

3. (development) – Offering: This is where your actual products or services come in, you need to design your Product Ladder (from low entry to a high value) and how do your segmentize your product offering.

*(A full online marketing course is available that explains in details on how to create a complete Product Ladder that sells). Click here to enrol.

4. (development) – Channel (Marketing): make sure to breakdown your marketing campaigns into two separate strategies. The first strategy is to acquire NEW LEADS, and the second strategy is to generate recurring revenue from your existing customers.

*(I shared 100 different types of marketing strategies in this online marketing course, click to enrol.)

Service Framework.002

(click on the image to download the cheat sheet)

5. (development) – Margin: Following is to work on your business margin & costing. Do you know how much is your business gross margin? What will be your Break-even point? Do you have a discount strategy when you’re giving away discount?

*(Shared your thought on the comment box below)

6. (delivery) – Sales: One of the most important business element is to convert your walk-in customer into a buying customer. Therefore, do your business have a sales process wheater it is B2C (retail) or B2B (service), you need to have a sales process in place.

7. (delivery) – Experience: One final element of this framework is to create the unparallel customer experience that you could possible offers. Create an engaging human experience between your frontline members and the customers, a smiling face always help.

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V004: Segmentize Your Customer into Class ABCD

13 Nov

Not everyone out there would love your products and services, therefore in order not to waste our marketing resources, we first need to identify clearly WHO are our actual Class A customers. In this video, you’re going to learn the customer segmentation of ABCD.

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SME Conference – The 3 Golden Rules of Business

1 Dec

SME Business Conference_LeikHong

Together with the Penang State Government – Deputy Chief Minister 1 Office, Business Coach Lizam Karim and Business Coach Leow Leik Hong have successfully organized an SME Conference – The 3 Golden Rules of Business on the 3rd November 2016, at Hotel Jen, Penang.

Guest of Honor: YB Dato’ HJ Mohd Rashid Hasnon

The 3 Golden Rules of Business:
1. Rule of Entity – The Business and the owner are 2 separate entity.
2. Rule of Profit – A profitable product does NOT equal to a profitable business.
3. Rule of Selling – Is not WHAT you sell, is HOW you sell.

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If you missed our sharing, here are some of the video highlights:

Hope you would enjoy.

Small Fish Business Youtube Channel

15 Sep

Small Fish Business Youtube Channel 

Creating an online Youtube Channel is something I always wanted to do, but for whatever reason, this task has been keeping delaying. Maybe one of the reasons is I did not have a good enough background to show cast my materials, well all this has now be resolved with the help of Ace Dot My.

I like to express my sincere thanks to Alex Chew (Founder and CEO of Ace Dot My) and his team for allowing me to use their #SmartONE teaching board.

The SmartONE is really a piece of high-tech technology tool for presentation, where I could upload and showcase my materials in almost any formats (text, pdf, powerpoint, photo, music, video, web & etc). As you can see from the video, it made my sharing really easy and convenient, all I need to do is just point my finger on the screen and all the wonder and magic will just happen by itself.

Furthermore, I can also sync the screen directly from my laptop, tablet or smartphone with SmartONE, with just a click of a button. Making presentation and conducting meeting effortless.

With the help of my good friend Vaniss Lee (CEO of Lee Video Production) and her crew members, we shooted 6 videos sharing about the topics of the marketing idea, strategic, branding and sales. Each of the videos is going to upload on the Tuesday of every week for next 6 consecutive weeks. So if you like what you see, please do share with your friends and colleagues.

#1 Small Fish Business Channel – The Definition of Marketing – http://bit.ly/SmallFishC1

Learn more about SmartONE, visit to http://www.ace.my/

Learn more LEE Video Production, visit to http://www.leevideo.com.my/


4 Aug

LevelUP Brand Experience

The second batch of “LevelUP Brand Experience” is now confirmed on 22 & 23 September 2016.

In these 2 days, you would learn several real-life examples of distinguished Malaysian companies who have successfully made it to the pinnacle of Brand Experience, example: PKT Logistics Group Sdn. Bhd. MK Curtain Group FERUNI CERAMICHE SDN BHD & others

Some of the highlight of the workshop:
– Develop the creative minds of an entrepreneur
– Sustainable business model
– 4 ways of marketing strategies to improve your revenue
– Built a brand that is worth sharing via online & offline
– Effective ideas to maximize your social media marketing efforts

Half day Brand Experience Tour around the facility of PKT, learn about howDato’ Michael Tio build a company that is worth talking and sharing around.

PM us for more information.

Date: 22 – 23 September 2016
Time: 0900 – 1730
Venue: The Lighthouse Campus (PKT)

Photos for batch 1 (July):https://www.facebook.com/SmallFishBusiness/photos/…

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Workshop facilitator: LeikHong BizCoach Benson Wong

06 品牌与客户体验的魔力

30 Jun

LeikHong & SookShyan


如果今天你踏进任何一家商店,不论是餐厅、美容院、服装店等,你都会期望得到某个程度的客户服务(Customer Service )。在现今的商业环境里,客户服务不再是一项奢侈品,而是一项需要。一家没有客户服务的商店,是一家没礼貌的企业,不论它的产品再好,没多久也会遭淘汰。

有鉴于此,现在的服务业是需要迈进“客户体验”(Customer Experience )的年代了。客户体验是整个“品牌体验”(Brand Experience )的一部分。试想一下,你想让你的客户对你的品牌有什么样的体验?

笔者最近在 De L Vida Studio 拍摄婚照时,就对此家公司的品牌与客户体验有着赞不绝口。有别于一般的婚纱店,De L Vida Studio 是家小型精品式婚纱摄影室。此家摄影室麻雀虽小,但五脏俱全。从我与太太首次接触该摄影室的配套、选择婚纱礼服、拍摄当天,再到照片完成品,他们的服务可说是让我们感到无微不至的。

就比如说拍摄前,摄影师兼老板Jeerie先只身到拍摄的外景场地勘察,预先实体勘察当地的环境与拍摄的角度与灵感,让拍摄当天可省却不少的时间。在此之前,我们也与Jerrie 沟通了许多想法与概念,他亦用心的记录及呈现我们所要的婚照。

最令笔者与太太难忘与惊喜的是,当我们完成外景摄影后,步入午餐时间时,Jerrie 带着我们与团队到一家韩国餐厅享受烤肉与泡菜等美食。可想而知,当我们完成烈日当空下的拍摄,又累又饿的情况下,来到有空调的上等韩国餐厅用餐是何等的满足啊!而且还是Jerrie 买单哦。有拍过婚照的朋友听闻后都直呼我们好幸福,因为他们只能吃打包回来的炒饭或鸡饭,抑或是馒头包点。



13 Jun

LeikHong Upselling



作者 : 廖翊翃(企业教练)


有如上文提到,客户数额(Existing Customer)x 重复交易量(Repeat Order) x 交易数额(Average Spending)=营业额(Revenue) ,是一项商家们都必须明白的营销方程式。


相信你也会有相关的经验,你到某咖啡馆或发廊消费,首次光顾都会获得对方的会员卡一张。每一次的消费都会获得一个盖章。获得越多或超过10个盖章以上,就会得到 一杯免费的咖啡或免费理发一次。



这就对了,麦当劳就是要令你觉得“值得”。麦当劳将3种不同的产品组合成一个优惠价套餐来卖你,让你觉得值得而多加消费。而你决定买下套餐后,麦当劳的专员并没有停止向你销售,反而会问你,是否还要多加1令吉(Add On )来加码你的套餐呢?


当然,增加营业额的策略最好是三管齐下,如果你的客户数额 x 重复交易量x交易数额都能够各自增长10%,那么你就会有意想不到的33%增加率。加油吧!


5 May

Small Fish LeikHong








其实,要在相同领域的行业中找出差异化并不难,只要花点心思,必然会找出属于自己的特点差异化。就好比Pizza Hut 与 Domino Pizza 不就是同样卖着热腾腾的披萨吗?但只要您仔细研究,您就会发现这两家的商业模式与客户对象是全然不同的。

Pizza Hut是家仪餐厅为主导目标的商业模式,而Domino Pizza 则是以外卖为主导。如果您经营的是Pizza Hut,在寻找店面方面,就必须找出一个黄金地段,如拥有高客流量的商场。而店面面积不能太小的同时,也必须聘请好几位高效率的店面服务员。而您是经营Domino Pizza的话,您就可以省下高店租的商场单位,因为Domino Pizza讲求的是送外卖的速度,而Pizza Hut较着重在家庭与朋友在餐厅内聚餐。


#01 紫牛奇遇记 – 制造广告及商品的差异化

2 May

LeikHong Purple Cow

标题:紫牛奇遇记 – 制造广告及商品的差异化





如果你再前进,又过了另外的30分钟,车旁的景色依然是成千上万的牛,你可还有反应吗?还觉得很新鲜吗?牛还很可爱吗? 看来,你先前的兴奋度早就消失得无影无踪了。


但是,若这千千万万头牛中,你突然发现其中一头牛是紫色的牛。这头“紫牛”会不会又重新吸引你的目光呢?接下来,你还很可能与你的同伴停下车来,与这头“紫牛”来个大合照自拍,再把照片上载至网上,与你的面子书、微信等社交网络的朋友分享你的“紫牛 -Purple Cow”奇遇记。




很多时候,广告仍然有其效应,但是在打广告之前,你可否有想好你产品的“紫牛 -Purple Cow”卖点是什么?如何把你的广告或商品让客户或观众眼前一亮?让客户自动帮你拍照及刷屏上网分享?

所以 “紫牛 -Purple Cow” 就是制造广告及商品的差异化,如何制造商品差异化与蓝海策略?请看下一章!

8 Pieces of Business Building Blocks

9 Nov
Introducing “Small Fish’s Business Mastery” Blocks
In Small Fish’s business philosophy, we believed a business structure could be divided into 8 different pieces of blocks.
Although each block has it own stand-alone functions, but it’s in fact interconnected among all the blocks.
1. Business Purpose – to begin with, we often ask business owner “WHY” you started your business? What problems you would like to solve for your customers? – If your purpose is clear then your customer will buy.
2. Business Model – after identifying the why, then the “WHAT” and “HOW” will kick in to get the ball rolling. The business model is where you defined what your business needs and how are you going to make it happen.
3. Business Goals – setting up your business targets and goals for the next five years, and break in down into smaller pieces ranging from yearly, quarterly, monthly and even weekly. The action items need to be completed during this period of time.
4. Operation System – the next step is to setup the operational systems within your business. From marketing, sales, customer service, account, finance, production and so on.
5. Organization – a good business is all about having the right system with good people. To house good people, we first need to have a good organization structure. Starting from the organization chart, the reporting system, positional contract to the commission payout scheme and etc.
6. People – good people are the heart and soul of your business, there are many effects needed to attract good talents your organization. What are some of the core values that inspire good people to come work for you? If you want to build a brand for your employees, make sure that is “Culture”.
7. KPIs – this is where we measured the performances of our business. Is the business having healthy profit margin & cash flow? How are the performances of the team members? We have to measure our current business situation in order for us to improve and become better.
8. Milestones – coming to the last block of the pieces, this is where we celebrate our business achievements. Should our business have achieved the business goals and targets we set earlier? Breaking a new high sales record, opening more new outlets or business expanded to a new market.
Every piece of the blocks is interlinked among each others. In fact, we can merge Block (1) – (3) as our Business Plan,
Block (3) – (5) is about System,
Block (5) – (7) is about Team, and
Block (7) – (1) is about Rewards
Now look at your own business, have you got all the pieces filled up? If not PM us, we might be able to help.
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