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The Complete Marketing Roadmap

11 Nov

Over the weekend I watched the movie by Benedict Cumberbatch – Brexit: The Uncivil War. The true story of how a man organises the whole Brexit campaign.

What I found interesting is that the whole Brexit campaign organised following a marketing roadmap I have been sharing with my clients. And if you follow the three steps marketing roadmap, it would work on any circumstances.

The three steps are:
1. The Purpose – be clear on what your customer want.
2. The Message – have a clear and easy to understand the message.
3. The Tactics – using different methods to communicate your marketing message.

In the movie, Dominic Cummings (played by Cumberbatch) first went on to survey what do the British people want. Do they want to stay or leave the EU? What are some of their primary concerns? (be clear on what your customers want.)

Then he crafted the brilliant marketing message – “Take Back Control”, educating the British people to take back control on what used to be theirs.

Lastly, using different communication methods to reach out to the British people. Example: very targeted ads to reach out to the voters, finding high profile politicians (including Boris Johnson) to endorse the campaign and many more.

And in the end, the British people did vote for leaving the EU. Proving the strategic Dominic applied was correct.

Every successful marketing campaign needs to have the three steps to complete a marketing roadmap. No matter should you’re in politic, business, non-Profit, the same plan applied.

Heve you successfully plan your complete marketing roadmap? We have a step by step format that can help you plan out in two-day.

How much business are you losing if you do not have a complete marketing plan? How much does this cost you?

PM us, we can help you grow for more customers and make more profits.

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老板开讲 | Boss Talk – 咸鱼创业缺的是什么? (Highlight 片段)

9 Jul

丢回: 咸鱼创业缺的是什么?如果你错过了了我在 《老板开讲》《Boss Talk》的分享,这里有些 highlight 的片段让你过过瘾😜,片子不长才两分钟,#好过没有

再次感谢 #老板开讲 和 YMM Wilayah Persekutuan 青運聯邦直轄區州分會 的团队邀请🙌🏻


Google My Business

5 Jul

Most businesses did not get found on Google 😱!!

And with “Google MY Business Site” you don’t need a corporate website to be found on Google.

Screenshot 2019-07-03 21.27.01

I have been experimenting with the features of “Google MY Business” for the past couple of weeks.

One of the cool features the site provide is it helps our business to create a simple #website.

Which I find very useful when a visitor searches your type of business on Google, not only your own corporate website will appear on the search results, but also additional information (map direction, reviews, photos) about your business will also show on the right-hand side of the search. Giving much visibility to visitors.

Have you created your own business profile on “Google My Business”?

Make sure you went ahead and claim your own business before someone else does.

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