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International Trainer I’m

31 May

It was indeed a breakthrough for myself, after started my own training firm since Jan 2012. I have finally made it to have a paid seminar aboard in Bali, Indonesia.

What is the definition of an International Trainer? – you have a seminar conducted outside Malaysia and get paid in USD. It was indeed a magnificent feeling when you have the change to conduct a seminar aboard and get paid in USD in cash…wonderful experiences.

The whole trip was actually in a hurry, I took the first flight from Penang to KL then boarded the next flight to Bali. After i arrived in Bali I went straight away check in into the hotel. Because the hotel i stayed was located in the city area, with this there is nothing much to be explored in the nearby areas. On the following day, i conducted a whole day workshop on Facebook Business Marketing. Have a great dinner time (Pork Barbecue) with Coach Leo in a famous barbecue outlet quite far away from the hotel i stayed. On the following day, since my flight back to KL is schedule in the evening, so with this I attended Coach Leo seminar on the topic of  Franchise. The workshop is conducted in Bahasa Indonesia, which i hardly understand a word Coach Leo was presenting, the only guide i have been the power point slides on-screen. Bahasa Indonesia and Bahasa Malaysia is kind like 2 different languages, even they do sound alike, but it is very different when you speak on it.

The program and modules i have developed for Facebook Business Marketing had in some point turn out to have a demand in the market. Not only Malaysian is getting serious on it, this time the Indonesian as well. After my 1 day seminar in Bali, Coach Leo (my Indo counterpart) also see the potential of social media marketing. Which he like the idea very much and seek for more future collaboration, where I’m indeed honour and happy about.

Sharing some of the trip photos:

My AA Carrier to Bali – in LCCT

Warming up the class and get ready to start, first time i’m using a mic….love it

Happy with the learning participation, full of energy!!

Group Photo with all the participants

One of the best Barbecue outlet in Bali

Barbecue Delight…..great food

Coach Leo and myself


Group Coaching Program for St Nicholas’ Home – 2Days 1Night BootCamp

8 Feb

The 12 months Group Coaching Program with St Nicholas’ Home, Penang had kick started on the 27-28 Jan (just 1 week before the Chinese New Year of 2011) with a 2 days 1 night BootCamp in Pulau Jerejak Resort.

There were total of 24 selected members (Managers and Supervisors) from the Home. And we all have a marvelous time in term of learning, team work, setting personal/organization goals and many more fellowship.


Waiting for departure to Pulau Jerejak

Coach Radin & Mr. Asuga (HR Manager of St Nicholas' Home)

Lesson 1 - Time Mastery

Group exercise and discussion

Games of Tangram

Mr. Thangaveloo sharing his learning

The 2days 1 night ended with a big round of WIFLE

Ridding Home to Penang

For more photo kindly to visit the link below: