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15 Jul

It always made me felt great working with a group of young, passionate & energetic university students over a weekend at Pork Dickson.

It is indeed a wonderful experience which I was invited to conduct the SCHOLARS’ TRAINING PROGRAMME for 15 university students coming from different background, engineering, medicine, laws, business, pharmacy & accounting. We spend a great weekend in Bayu Bay Resort, Port Dickson going through some learning points on mindset alignment, expanding comfort zone, communication skills, team works, leadership & etc…

Thank you for all your great participation and wishing the very best success on your study and career. I am sure you all are going to be somebody someday… Special appreciation to my best buddy /co-trainer James Ong for your time and efforts being with us over the weekend

Date: 5th – 8th July 2013

Photo details: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.487598177984019.1073741834.118765318200642&type=1

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When is a good time to start a business?

10 May

“When is a good time to start a business?”

many people want to start a business, but too many of them just can’t find the right timing. if you’re one of them who still not willing to leave your comfort zone.

below is the info-graph that illustrate every single moment in life seem to be a good moment to start a business (except being dead).

stop giving yourself more excuses and start dive into your passion. if you still don’t know what you like to do? keep searching don’t settle.
you would know when you found it.

When is a good time to start a business?

When is a good time to start a business?

Mobile Marketing for Digital Profit Club

23 Nov

November 2011 is n exciting month. Many tasks for 2012 has been crafted and set within this month. I’m really looking forward to a new and wonderful 2012.

The topic I shared for Digital Profit Club on 9 Nov is soon going to be a hit in our region moving forward – “Mobile Marketing”.

Looking at the increasing usages of smart phone these days, needless to say the mobile’s industry is going to turn out huge for the market. So let take a look on how and why mobile marketing going to be explode in term of marketing.

Mobile has now become our second shadow; each of us will now carry a mobile phone basically everywhere we go. We just can’t live without a phone anymore. On top of that, mobile phone is a personalized item, just like our wallet and purse. We kept and stored our personal information on our phone like: our contact list (we named our friends the way we wanted to be), calendar, notes, pictures, songs and many others.

Being able to mobility market to phone owners is definitely a new niche’s way of marketing. You get to the target audiences directly and personally.  Below are the 6 majors’ matters of Mobile Marketing:

  • SMS
  • MMS
  • Mobile Web
  • Bluetooth
  • Location Based Marketing
  • QR Code

Refer to the power point below for more information about Mobile Marketing.

Digital Profit Club – LinkedIn 14 Sept 2011

15 Sep

14 Sept 2011,

We discussed about the topic of LinkedIn on our DPC meeting today. LinkedIn is a social media platform which by far not too popular in our region. Many people may hear of LinkedIn or even owned an account with it; but not too many people are using it in the optimal benefits as we should.

LinkedIn is a social media platform specially cater for professional and business. Where the average age for is LinkedIn member is age 41 compare to Facebook of an average age of 28.

This platform is good to generate business enquiry. There are many disucssion Groups available in LinkedIn, where members can join and contribute their professional comments to the group and answering some questions of others. Indirectly generating leads and business opportunity among members of the same group and interest.

Top 6 suggestions to grow business on LinkedIn:

1. Professional Profile – only update your professional details, leave other personal contents on other platform like Facebook

2. Regular Share and Update

3. Comment on others’ update

4. Use LinkedIn Apps to enhance your profile

5. Join Group and interact appriorately

6. Share blog post with your group and friends

For more details and refer to the powerpoint below:

Digital Profit Club 8th June – Twitting for your Business

9 Jun

8th June 2011

Digital Profit Club – Twitting for your Business

On yesterday DPC is all about Tweeting your business.

Twitter is a website, which offers a social networking and microblogging service, enabling its users to send and read messages called tweets. Tweets are text-based posts of up to 140 characters displayed on the user’s profile page.

Twitter comes in between email and blog, where user like to share their feeling, situation and the latest update of their life with friends & family. A simple example like: “I have nasi lemak for breakfast today”. You don’t send an email telling your friends what breakfast you have today, your friends don’t need to know that. But in the same time it is too little information to write a blog. Therefore Twitter come in place to share this kind of short message. Only the friends whom are following you and have interested in your life would see your posts.

Statistic shown that there are more posts posted in a day on Twitter than on Facebook.

Twitter is a great tool to be use for marketing in business, marketers can use mobile phone to tweet and update the latest marketing campaigns, products, events & etc. Where the public could also use the same matter to tweet and share information towards their circle of friends.

Other applications like:

Twipic – to tweet picture & video

Tweetfall & Twitter Search – to identify and track a particular keywords on Twitter

Tweedeck: a platform to manage several twitter accounts in the same time, with addition function to manage Facebook, LinkeIn, Forusquare, MySpace

TwitterVision: to track and see new tweet appeal in Google Map

and many many more………

Coach LeikHong & Weely are sharing on Twitter

Chatting among Coach Radin, Vigneds & Dr. Hari

Breakfast time after the learning section

Digital Profit Club Update: 25th May – Professional Results with MS Office Specialist

9 Jun

25th May 2011

Digital Profit Club Meeting – Professional Results with MS Office Specialist

it was a great honor for DPC PG to invite the MS Office Specialist from New Horizon to share with the members about MS Office in details.

Everyday we used Microsoft Office (Word, Excel & Powerpoint) in running our business; but we do realized that there are many functions available in MS Office we did not even click on it!!!

The powerful MS Office

The powerful MS Office

How to maximize MS Excel in your business used??

How to maximize MS Excel in your business used??

Coach LeikHong presenting a token of appreciation to the speaker

Coach LeikHong presenting a token of appreciation to the speaker

Digital Profit Club 11 May meeting – How Facebook is Going to Boom Your Business?

12 May

Topic of the day: How Facebook is Going to Boom Your Business?
Speaker: Mr. Byran Gan (CEO and Founder of Comdev)

Digital Profit Club (DPC) has been running for the past 5 months, this meeting is definitely the most overwhelming meeting we ever had.
With great pleasure and honor, DPC had invited the CEO & Founder of Comdev, Mr. Byran Gan as our guest speaker of the day.

Byran is a long-timer internet/software entrepreneur of 12 years shared with us, how businesses can interact with their customers on Facebook, getting word-of-mouth spreads among friends of customers, building brand awareness and customer loyalty. There are much more that we can explore for our business activities on Facebook.

Facebook is the No 2 most active site on the Internet, after Google. There are more than 600 million Facebook users with 50% of them logon every day. So, how can you monetize Facebook for your business?

Enjoy of the of highlight below:

Meeting packed with members and guests

Participants are thrilled with Byran's sharing

Byran is sharing the Facebook Marketing concept

Coach LeikHong showing Dr. Hari on the online application

Token of appreciation to Byran by Coach LeikHong

Digital Profit Club_006

Fellowship (makan) & networking among members after the meeting