SME Conference – The 3 Golden Rules of Business

Together with the Penang State Government - Deputy Chief Minister 1 Office, Business Coach Lizam Karim and Business Coach Leow Leik Hong have successfully organized an SME Conference - The 3 Golden Rules of Business on the 3rd November 2016, at Hotel Jen, Penang. Guest of Honor: YB Dato' HJ Mohd Rashid Hasnon The 3... Continue Reading →

Small Fish 2.0 Mastering Brand Experience

Small Fish 2.0 Mastering Brand Experience Authors: Leow Leik Hong & Benson Wong Synopsis: In today’s day and age, businesses can no longer survive solely on conventional marketing strategies. Where once it sufficed to attract consumers through offline marketing events and advertisements, now we need both a strong and memorable presence online and offline in... Continue Reading →

8 Pieces of Business Building Blocks

Introducing "Small Fish's Business Mastery" Blocks In Small Fish's business philosophy, we believed a business structure could be divided into 8 different pieces of blocks. Although each block has it own stand-alone functions, but it's in fact interconnected among all the blocks. 1. Business Purpose - to begin with, we often ask business owner "WHY"... Continue Reading →

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