Business Books for 2019 Reading List

Looking for some good #BusinessBooks to read in 2019? Are you're not sure where to begin. #SmallFishBusinessCoach has sorted out 5 Business Books that you should be included in your 2019 business books reading list. Click: to download the reading list. #EnglishBusinessBook #InternationalBestSeller #StartReadingHabit2019

Book Summary – Zero to One

Peter Thiel is the Founder & CEO of Paypal where he sold to eBay at 2002 for $1.2B. In this book, Thiel shared 3 major keys on building a billion business. 1. Bet on a Contrarian Truth - A truth about how people will act in the future - The Contrarian Question: “What important truth... Continue Reading →

reading target 2013

my reading target for 2013 is 15 books by this Dec, and for up to date i have accomplished 18 books. with the continue of such reading pace i should able to hit 20 books by this Dec. below are the list of books i read this year, many of them are highly recommended... —feeling accomplished.  

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