How to make a Perfect Youtube Banner that fit all devices (Desktop, Mobile & TV)? It's really frustrating if your Youtube Banner (Cover Photo) do not fit nicely to all devices, it makes you look unprofessional. Follow this recommendation I have for you. You would have a perfect Youtube Banner in less than 5 minutes. Download the Dimension Reference image: Please do subscribe to my channel to receive... Continue Reading →

SME Seminar – Business Productivity Tools & Strategies for Small Businesses

Warren and I are co-conducting an SME seminar, focusing on the topic of business productivity tools. Warren is a seasoned webmaster, he has many years of a website designed and development experience, and therefore he would like to share how small businesses can benefit using the available online | website tools. While for me, I... Continue Reading →


(槟城讯) 面子书(Facebook)不再是一个交流和玩游戏的网络媒体。它已经成为企业营销平台,是一个媒介,让商业或企业人士自我推动而且让潜在客户参与的营销平台之一。面子书从今年三月三十日正式转换所有页面为新的Timeline格式,它成为有效建立客户交流的途径。许多企业纷纷创建面子书页面,推广各自的品牌、产品和服务,同时进行定期的营销,以达到开拓市场的目标。 目前马来西亚拥有接近一千两百万的面子书用户,而全球面子书用户已超过8.45亿,无可否认,您的客户也在面子书里。替代公司网页,面子书成为崛起的“新dot-com”,您必须把您的生意或企业营销带入面子书里,然而建立商业面子书页面是开始的第一步,过后再运用有效的营销策略,通过社群媒体 (Social Media) 提高营业利润, 同时不增加营销预算。 DPC & Techbuddy将会举办一天的工作坊,日期是7月1日 (星期日),此工作坊公开给有兴趣建立Facebook Page的商业和企业人士或想建立网络生意者。详情欢迎联络 013-4532783(Cecilia)。 面子书不但能够增加销售利润和提高业务,更重要的是如何应用面子书建立一个忠实的客户群。您可以使用面子书的应用程序建立一个准备买你的产品或者获得你的服务的忠实粉丝。

International Trainer I’m

It was indeed a breakthrough for myself, after started my own training firm since Jan 2012. I have finally made it to have a paid seminar aboard in Bali, Indonesia. What is the definition of an International Trainer? - you have a seminar conducted outside Malaysia and get paid in USD. It was indeed a magnificent feeling when you... Continue Reading →

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