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Pick up for January 2012

25 Jan

First post writing for the year 2012.

Today is the third day of Chinese New Year. Today is the day I do some productive activities, comparing the past few days was mainly with TV and some books. With this I decided to start writing a new post.

Looking back to my calendar of January 2012, I have started to track down all the activities I have been doing for the past 3 weeks. I’ve separated my days into 3 categories:

  1. Focus Day – the day/ time I used to generate income (and since I started my own business on Jan 2012, focus day become top priority)
  2. Plan Day – the day/time I used for planning, meeting with prospects and other marketing activities which contribute to become a Focus day.
  3. Rest Day – is relax a day or in short “ME” day. The day I do the things I enjoy or just simple do nothing.

So as up to today, I seem to have only a couple of Focus Days but I do have a lot of Plan Days, which is a good sign. Because all these Plan Days will lead to more Focus Days in the month of Feb and March.

This year I have made 2 simple resolutions, going to test on own discipline

  1. Gets my room neat and tidy, since it going to be my home office where I’m going to spend many hours here working and of cause sleeping. I am going to keep it in order and comfortable to work by tiding at least once a month.
  2. Exercise regularly – need some catch up on my own stamina. By far I have started to have evening walk with mommy this year. Took about an hour each day from home to gurney roundabout and turn back. Apart from burning some calories, I also spend some quality time with mommy while walking and laughing together.

Shelterbox Malaysia Project seems to be picking up some progress this January.  We finally have our first team members meeting (or rather more like team makan section) on the 7 Jan in Seremban. We have a late dinner as everyone was late or got lost somewhere; but the good news is everyone now is align and clear with our single objective – to raise US$ 100,000 (equal to 100 boxes) to Shelterbox International.

There are many preliminary works for Shelterbox Malaysia to be setup, we will make it HAPPEN.

i have no idea how to go to this place again?





On the following day, we did our first awareness program in District Rotaract Conference at Port Dickson. It has been a while for me to return to DRC, it was kind of fun to be back and at least we have got the message of Shelterbox out to the Rotaract group. Let’s see how we can expand the campaign from there. In the same time, it was a great experience to learn on operating the tent and close it back. Were funs…..!!

Shelterbox Presentation in District Rotaract Conference

PDRR LeikHong on ShelterBox Presentation

How can Rotaract helps on Shelterbox?

Team Shelterbox Malaysia - PDRR Dinesh, PDRR LeikHong, PP Kelvin & PP James


Installation of RAC Penang RY 2010-11

9 Aug

On Aug 07 2010, marked my final installation dinner as a rotaractor. It was a complex mixture of feeling, i was indeed happy that i have finally graduated from this wonderful organization with the great pleasure that the RAC Penang is in good hand; on the another side i too felt sad leaving an organization which i have spend my golden 10years in, ironically remarkable…

I heartfelt gratitude to the organizing committees for arranging the special slot for we the “old birds” to enjoy some of our last moment. You have really nice video presentation to officially “terminated” all 4 of us, well done. Thanks for buying us a cake (btw did anyone have a taste of it?)

A special appreciation for all the friends and guests who are present during the evening, you guys really light up the dinner. Thank you for those who travel all the way from Klang Vally, hope you guys have enough “chor koay teow” and have a safe journey home.

Enjoy some of the photos

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Rotaract – Journey of a Decade

1 Jul

Rotaract from Sept 1999 – June 2010

This moth marked the end of my long journey of Rotaract. It has been fruitful 11yrs, looking back how I started all of these? It was all just about a dream — A dream that I have on myself.

Non of these were planed, Rotaract came into my life by chance (coincident), I was someone who is pretty introvert, shy and less initiative into doing things; but out of one fine day I start to realize I need to change some of these, then a friend came to me and share about chartering a new Rotaract Club in Penang. Without much hesitation, I joined in the team (RAC Tanjung Bungah) and began all the wonderful stories for the next 10yrs.

I still remember the first DRA I attended; it was organized by RAC Penang back in RY 2000 in xxx hotel (forgot the hotel nane but now it is called Hydro Majesty Hotel). I did not attend my first DRA as a participant but as a helper to the organizing committees due to some reason (in the other word I attended for FOC haha).

Further to my first district exposure I then attended one of my life’s changing seminars – RYLA 2000

There was the first and only time for me to travel to Termeloh, Pahang. RYLA 2000 was organizing in a wild life protection center facility which located in the middle of the jungle. I have learned so much in this 5D4N seminar which embraces myself toward Rotary / Rotaract for the following decade.

I then become very active in Rotaract, representing my club to attend Rotary projects, district events (interact district conference, rotaract district conference, rotaract district assembly, district board meeting [on my club president behalf by then] & etc). There was where I have the opportunities to learn massive rotaract knowledge (protocol, procedures, by-laws & constitutions) and all the precious soft and hard skills.

During RY2003/04, i accepted one of the biggest challenges in my rotaract career, to become the Club President of RAC Tanjung Bungah. All my learning for the past couple of years have put into test, one important fact I do learn is running a rotaract club is far more challenging than running a company. With the best efforts from the teams, Rotaract of Tanjung Bungah was awarded the Presidential Citation Awards & World Rotaract Week reorganization awards from Rotary International (RI). And we have signed our first ever sister club – Rotaract Club of Ulm, Germany D1930.

After my presidency, I continue to pull my focus to develop RAC Tg. Bungah and also partially involving in some Rotaract District responsibility, as the days goes by my roles and responsibility begin to get heavier, from being invited as panel speaker for district rotaract conference, as a Group Discussion Leader during district rotaract assembly, chairing the 23rd District Rotaract Assembly and be part of the organizing committees for the biggest Rotaract International event ever held by Rotaract District 3300 – the 4th Asia Pacific Regional Rotaract Conference (APRRC).

Finally I ended up in another biggest challenge, elected to be District Rotaract Representative (DRR) during RY2008/09.

All of these were not just flashy encounters, the process were full of tears and sweats, being persistent, fortitude and resilient. I have gained a lot from the process and in the meantime I also have to give away something that I would never able to recover….no scarify no victory (sad quote).

Earning the friendships in the Rotary / Rotaract circle is the indispensable achievement I will ever achieved. I am so amaze that all the great people I have meet all these years, learning all the great stuffs from their incredible personnel’s characters.

So the question is what next? Moving to Rotary?

I know I should be joining Rotary……………but it just not the next move I would like to get myself into right at this moment. Someday I would, I promise..

Presence Statistic @ Rotaract

Rotary District 3300

Rotary District Assembly – Seremban, N. Sembilan

Rotary District Conference – Ipoh, Perak

Rotaract District 3300

District Rotaract Assembly (DRA) – 9 times

District Rotaract Conference (DRC) – 7 times

Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) – Termeloh, Pahang

International Events

Asia Pacific Regional Rotaract Conference (APRRC) – 2 times

  • 4th APRRC Melaka, Malaysia 2007 (Organizing Committee)
  • 5th APRRC Bali, Indonesia 2008

2008 District Good Will Visit to Taiwan District 3500

Interota 2008 – Seoul, South Korea

2009 International Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (IRYLA) – Coton House, Ruby, England

2009 Rotary International Convention – Birmingham, England

Fine Dinning Weekend @ Park Royal Hotel – Rotary Club of Penang Installation

29 Jun

I went ahead to attend the installation dinner of Rotary Club of Penang (last weekend) as a capacity of a Rotaractor for the last time. It was a simple but a grand dinner, the wine and the menu were just marvelous.

Took some photos on the food only….enjoy

Park Royal Hotel Penang =>