Bring Your Business Online Fast

"With just a press of a button and now your business is online, and you're ready to receive orders from everywhere." 📲"Building a seven-figures business from your bedroom." 👩‍💻"With little or no investment." 💵 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻 These are the statements what you usually hear some Gurus or from Ads. But it is that simple? I'm going break it down for... Continue Reading →

Ge Ready to Pivot Your Business

With the uncertain situation ahead of us, many business leaders would need to find a new direction for their business. Some retail outlets shifted their business online, engaging customers via the eCommerce platform. Restaurant/cafes had pivot into delivery services, and professional services also begin to meet customer via Zoom or other available online platforms. But... Continue Reading →

The Guide to Create a Winning Team

#MCO or not a business needs to take care of their people. And having a group of talents working together is what made a company great. But many companies have challenges recruiting and keeping talents. When a newbie joins the organisation, he is excited, and he is ready to change the world. But sadly, when time... Continue Reading →

The Complete Marketing Roadmap

Over the weekend I watched the movie by Benedict Cumberbatch - Brexit: The Uncivil War. The true story of how a man organises the whole Brexit campaign. What I found interesting is that the whole Brexit campaign organised following a marketing roadmap I have been sharing with my clients. And if you follow the three... Continue Reading →

老板开讲 | Boss Talk – 咸鱼创业缺的是什么? (Highlight 片段)

丢回: 咸鱼创业缺的是什么?如果你错过了了我在 《老板开讲》《Boss Talk》的分享,这里有些 highlight 的片段让你过过瘾😜,片子不长才两分钟,#好过没有! 再次感谢 #老板开讲 和 YMM Wilayah Persekutuan 青運聯邦直轄區州分會 的团队邀请🙌🏻。 #SmallFishBusinessCoach #咸鱼也能开公司 #咸鱼创业缺的是什么

Facebook Comment Auto Reply

Set up a Facebook Comment Autoreply in 3 minutes! Learn how to Respond to your Facebook Page's Comment using a Bot. Automatically respond to a specific keyword or auto respond to every comment. Facebook auto reply comment is used to engage with users right after they comment on your page's posts. Even though Facebook does... Continue Reading →

7-Steps Retail | Service Framework

Running a retail or a service business sometime can be really frustrated if you do not have a plan or system on what to do. In this post, I'm going to share with you a #simple, #easy_to_do framework that you can reference on. (click on the image to download the cheat sheet) Framework breakdown: There... Continue Reading →

Expanding Your Comfort Zone :

Are you going to stay inside your comfort zone for the rest of your life? or start breaking through and move forward? There are 4 zones (stages) for you to move ahead: 1. Comfort Zone 🛀 = Unconscious Incompetence 2. Fear Zone 😰 = Conscious Incompetence 3. Learning Zone 🎓 = ConsciousCompetence 4. Growth Zone 🌲 = Unconscious Competence Where are you currently? Are you going to make a difference for... Continue Reading →

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