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Business Books for 2019 Reading List

15 Jan


Looking for some good #BusinessBooks to read in 2019?

Are you’re not sure where to begin.

#SmallFishBusinessCoach has sorted out 5 Business Books that you should be included in your 2019 business books reading list.


Book Review: The Virgin Way: Everything I Know About Leadership

9 Nov

Sir Richard Branson is one of the top entrepreneurs I respect and admire.

One of the wisdom I learn from this book, if you don’t like it, don’t do it. Having a strong passion for the thing you’re going to do only will bring you great joys and experience.

Here are the top 5 things I learn from this book:
– Keep business as simple can it can be: Don’t over complicate the business make it simple and stupid (KISS)
– Be willing to take risks and think different: If you’re going to be same as others, why would a customer choose you over others? Take some risk and be different
– Listen more than you talk: This is one the skills that served Branson really well over the decades, listen to your customers, to the people around you before you start talking.
– Start a note-taking habit: Another great skill that Branson has, you can’t remember everything, write them down on your notes.
– Collaboration is Key: Learn to collaborate and work with others, you don’t have to do everything on your own. Share success with others.

Book Summary – Zero to One

19 Sep

Peter Thiel is the Founder & CEO of Paypal where he sold to eBay at 2002 for $1.2B.
In this book, Thiel shared 3 major keys on building a billion business.
1. Bet on a Contrarian Truth – A truth about how people will act in the future
– The Contrarian Question: “What important truth do very few people agree with you on?”
Steve Jobs – bet that people would want to use a keyboard-less smartphone, where during that time only a few people agreed with him.
Airbnb & Uber –  bet on traveller would want to stay in a stranger house & get into a stranger car.
“All failed companies are the same they failed to escape competition.”
Besides asking the contrarian truth question, you also need to make sure that whatever business you’re starting up it falls into the RIGHT TIME?
Even your hypothesis is correct about the Contrarian Truth, but if you start the business on the wrong timing (technology or human behaviour not yet mature, your business would fail either).
2. Start by Dominating a Small Market:
Amazon – wanted to start an everything online store, but Jeff Bezos did not start Amazon with that. He begins with a bookstore, which is much easy to operate & less costly. While he accumulated many loyal customers and cash flow, he then explores the adjacent market (CDs & DVDs). Slowly and steadily Amazon is dominating one market segment at a time and now become the everything store.
=> Don’t try to get 1% of a billion market, instead get 80% of a million market.   
“Whoever is the first to dominate the most important segment of a market with viral potential will be the last mover in the whole market.”
3. Strike to a Monopoly
If you can scale fast and big enough, then you can play the monopoly games and dominate the market and generating massive profits.
But wait, isn’t a monopoly is something evil?
Google is a search engine monopoly, they made so much money from their business. But at the same time, they are also a company that funded many social responsibility projects like a self-drive car, free tools available and even free internet to some part of the world.
  • a business need to make enough profit in order to stay in business
  • use excess profits to give back to society
The 4 Monopoly Methods:
  • Brand Associate – Apple (if you think of a fashionable electronics, Apple always come into our mind. Apple has a strong brand associate in customer’s mind while others are hard to compete)
  • Technology Advancement – Google (the search result is 10x better than competitors)
  • Network Effect – Facebook (high switching cost, since most of your friends, are already on FB, it make it so much harder for other competitors to compete with you)
  • Scale – Amazon (Amazon can offer a free shipping on a sofa while other will need to charge you a $50 shipping fees, how Amazon able to do this? Amazon has a very high leverage & margin on the product sales due to their economies of scale, which they operation cost & breakeven point of the company is low. They have no problem paying the shipping cost while still generating massive profits)

好书推荐: #阿里铁军

4 Jul

好书推荐: #阿里铁军

看完这本书后我才真正的了解阿里巴巴是如何招览生意, 打造它的互联网王国.

每当我们阅读有关马云和阿里的故事时, 往往大家的目光都会投射在马云的思维理念, 他如何的坚信互联网会成功, 他如何说服十八罗汉丢下工作陪他一起创业, 同时如又如何说服孙正一在他那儿拿到了大笔的风投资金.

早期的阿里是没有具体的商业模式, 也就是说它一点收入也没有, 只是一直在烧钱. 不用多久的时间, 它己把风投的钱烧了大半有多后才呈出个盈利模式. 而这个盈利模式之所以会成功, 完全是依靠着阿里铁军 (#销售团队) 去完成它坚难的任务.

从年年亏损, 到收支平衡, 到每天达到一百万的收入, 到最后每天达到一百万的利润. 这些都是铁军们的辉煌历史, 这才是为什么马云能专注做好他领导(CEO)的工作, 阿里能有足够的资金来源去扩充它其下其他的产品和公司. 要不是有这支铁军在背后支撑着, 再多的风投资金也不够用, 马云再有远见也实现不了.

所以讲到企业的根本, 还是离不开实实在在的有个盈利模式, 实实在在去作销售, 实实在在服务好客户. 什么只靠资本, 风投而没有实在的商业模式的念头只是在打嘴炮而已, 不实际.


#阿里巴巴 #马云 #Alibaba #JackMa


10 Steps How I write & published a book?

8 May

Self Publish a book – if one of your dreams is to write & publish a book someday, I may suggest a few quick tips for you without engaging a publisher.

This was how I got my first book – “Small Fish Conquering The Big Pond”, published back in 2014.

1. Pick a topic that you’re passionate 
2. Breakdown the layout of the book into a few chapters – ideally 6 – 8 chapters
3. Break each chapter down into sub-chapters – ideally 4 – 6 sub-chapters

Example Chapter 1: Creative Marketing
Sub-chapter 1.1: Marketing is about creating a difference
Sub-chapter 1.2: What is USP?
Sub-chapter 1.3: Finding your niche

*Don’t start writing your book until you have completed the layout of the book from the first chapter until the last.

4. Start writing your book (this is where the real challenge begin and kills-off most aspiring authors)
Instead of sitting in front of a computer and start writing, I took out my phone and recorded the contents of the book using an audio recorder, chapter by chapter. I just said what I feel like saying and what should be included in the chapter.

5. Then I passed all my recording to a copy-writer who help me converted the recording into text. This was how I first drafted my manuscript and begin editing the entire book with the help of my copy-writer.

*If you choose not to use a copy-writer, you can now opt for using Temi is an online voice to text converter, it only cost you $0.10 per minutes.

6. Your goal is to have about 2000+ word per chapter and combining all the chapters you would have a book about 80-120 pages in A5 size format.

7. Once you have done with your manuscript, passed it to a graphic designer to get the book done from cover to cover. (This was what I did back then)

*Or you can opt to use online software like to help you design and layout your book.

8. In the same time, you need to apply an ISBN (International Standard Book Number) & CIP (Catalogue in Publishing) for your book to be officially published. And if you’re from Malaysia, you can apply ISBN & CIP from our National Libabry (, follow the guiding steps from the website, download the forms and submit the required documents will do.

*Take note that the application of ISBN and CIP in Malaysia is FREE, some nonsense consultant out there is charging RM 2,000+ to help you apply. #BeCareful

9. Proofread, make sure everything is correct.

10. Printing – 2 options:
(a) if you wish to print your book in large quantity and send it to the bookstore to sell – go for offset printing, lower in cost when you go for large quantity (2000 copies) and have better finishing quality.

(b) if you just wish to print in low quantity and sell it on demand – then go for digital print (minimum print is only 20-30 book/print).

or (c) just convert it to an Ebook format

Happy Writing and Publishing.


Small Fish 2.0 Mastering Brand Experience

14 Jun

Small Fish 2.0 Mastering Brand Experience

Small Fish 2.0 Mastering Brand Experience

Authors: Leow Leik Hong & Benson Wong


In today’s day and age, businesses can no longer survive solely on conventional marketing strategies. Where once it sufficed to attract consumers through offline marketing events and advertisements, now we need both a strong and memorable presence online and offline in order to maximise our reach and impact.

Small Fish 2.0 Mastering Brand Experience offer you a creative insight into developing a memorable and impactful brand experience for your customers. Quoting several real-life examples of distinguished Malaysian companies who have successfully made it to the pinnacle of Brand Experience.

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Small Fish Conquering the Big Pond ||

7 Aug

Small Fish Conquering the Big Pond

Small Fish Conquering The Big Pond

– Simple and Remarkable Ways to Improve Your Marketing Results in a Competitive Environment

After almost a year of preparation, my first book is now ready to be published.

The content of Small Fish Conquering The Big Pond is about marketing, the reason I choose the title of  ‘Small Fish’ is because many local SMEs are like small fishes – swimming and striving to survive at an unknown business environment (the Big Pond).

In this book I am going to share some creative ideas and concepts about marketing, something which a business owners could easily apply. The marketing ideas would be simple buy remarkable to improve your marketing results.

Hope you enjoy reading it!!

reading target 2013

20 Sep

my reading target for 2013 is 15 books by this Dec, and for up to date i have accomplished 18 books. with the continue of such reading pace i should able to hit 20 books by this Dec.

below are the list of books i read this year, many of them are highly recommended… —feeling accomplished.




7 Feb
















过去的一页,能不翻就不要翻,翻落了灰尘会迷了双眼。有些人说不出哪里好,但就是谁都替代不了! 那些以前说着永不分离的人,早已经散落在天涯了。收拾起心情,继续走吧,错过花,你将收获雨,错过这一个,你才会遇到下一个。


潘建成 – 为自己争气

4 Dec

一相来我都很抗拒在电脑打中文, 一来我的汉语拼音实在很烂,打一篇文章可要费上好多时间。二来我一直都比较从洋,心里一直想说英文是个比较重要的语言, 就把中文输入法忽略掉了。

但听了潘建成的一席话后,身为华人那里可以不识中文, 最后还是决定由一个一个中文字把这一篇文章打出来。

PUMM BOSS Academy _ Poster_LeikHong

上个星期天出席了Dato’潘建成在槟城PUMM企业分享会, 我好久都没有听到那么棒的中文演讲了。 演说完了以后我还第一时间跑到外面摆卖的书摊买了一本潘建成的书 –“为自己争气”。 又好不容易才挤到他的面前让他为我买的书签名。


潘建成 Signing my book_LeikHong



要把一个企业从没有到有, 从负债到赚钱是个很漫长旅途。群联电子一路走来实在不容易。





p/s: 好不容易打了500 多个字