The Guide to Create a Winning Team

#MCO or not a business needs to take care of their people. And having a group of talents working together is what made a company great.

But many companies have challenges recruiting and keeping talents. When a newbie joins the organisation, he is excited, and he is ready to change the world. But sadly, when time passes, he lost his excitement, and his passion faded away.

The Winning Team Guide

And we believed a company who practice the “Winning Team Guide (WTG)” would attract better people, retain talents and grow their business.

There are four core components in WTG:

1. The Body – Company first need to take good care of the basis necessarily of an employee. Therefore, the remuneration plan must be fair, ensure the safeness of a working environment and treated everyone with respect and dignity.

2. The Mind – Everyone wants to grow and be better intellectually, learning new skills and exploring new opportunities. A company that invests in developing its employees to improve for the better will outperform those that don’t.

3. The Heart – We human beings are compassion; when we treat others with love and care, and we expect others to treat us the same way. It’s critical to build such a culture in the workplace, where we sincerely respect, listen, understand and support one another.

4. The Soul – No one wants to work in a boring environment, and people want their work to be meaningful. Give your team a mission to fulfil, educate your people what your company stand for? Why it’s important? Give them a story to tell their family and friends. Make them proud of what they’re doing.

As the leader of an organisation, you need to implement not one, not two but all four of the components to ensure you would have a Winning Team.

A moment like these could be critical for many businesses and also your employees, but be transparent and communicate frequently. I’m sure you can find a Win-Win solution for everyone.

In my book Small Fish 2.0 Mastering Brand Experience, I shared many examples of how local (Malaysia) companies implement core values and working culture into their organisation and how you can do the same.



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