8 Pieces of Business Building Blocks

9 Nov

Introducing “Small Fish’s Business Mastery” Blocks
In Small Fish’s business philosophy, we believed a business structure could be divided into 8 different pieces of blocks.
Although each block has it own stand-alone functions, but it’s in fact interconnected among all the blocks.
1. Business Purpose – to begin with, we often ask business owner “WHY” you started your business? What problems you would like to solve for your customers? – If your purpose is clear then your customer will buy.
2. Business Model – after identifying the why, then the “WHAT” and “HOW” will kick in to get the ball rolling. The business model is where you defined what your business needs and how are you going to make it happen.
3. Business Goals – setting up your business targets and goals for the next five years, and break in down into smaller pieces ranging from yearly, quarterly, monthly and even weekly. The action items need to be completed during this period of time.
4. Operation System – the next step is to setup the operational systems within your business. From marketing, sales, customer service, account, finance, production and so on.
5. Organization – a good business is all about having the right system with good people. To house good people, we first need to have a good organization structure. Starting from the organization chart, the reporting system, positional contract to the commission payout scheme and etc.
6. People – good people are the heart and soul of your business, there are many effects needed to attract good talents your organization. What are some of the core values that inspire good people to come work for you? If you want to build a brand for your employees, make sure that is “Culture”.
7. KPIs – this is where we measured the performances of our business. Is the business having healthy profit margin & cash flow? How are the performances of the team members? We have to measure our current business situation in order for us to improve and become better.
8. Milestones – coming to the last block of the pieces, this is where we celebrate our business achievements. Should our business have achieved the business goals and targets we set earlier? Breaking a new high sales record, opening more new outlets or business expanded to a new market.
Every piece of the blocks is interlinked among each others. In fact, we can merge Block (1) – (3) as our Business Plan,
Block (3) – (5) is about System,
Block (5) – (7) is about Team, and
Block (7) – (1) is about Rewards
Now look at your own business, have you got all the pieces filled up? If not PM us, we might be able to help.
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