A New Toy

I have been always a big fans to Apple, to be precise is I am a huge fans of Steve Jobs.

Every since my first encounter in 2009 on Youtube about the 2005 Stanford Commencement Address by Jobs, i had been playing a close attention on Jobs and Apple. Even very much I was amazed on how Apple’s products had change the world, and many of my close friends are Apple users, i eventually only came across the first Apple product by 2010. Where Coach Radin handed me his iPod Classic full with audiobooks which required i to listen and study.

Only then i have a strong feeling on how creative and beautiful a MP3 player can be (iPod anyway is just a high-class MP3 player; it is too an expensive one); but the design is just gorgeous, you really don’t want to let go once you have it in your hand.

When Apple launched iPhone5 last end of last year, i knew it is about time i retired my Blackberry phone. Not because my Blackberry is malfunction; but the memory and RAM are too few for more Apps to be installed into the phone. As a social media coach myself, i need to have much more varieties in Mobile Apps selection. Which iPhone5 just fit the picture.

Being a PC/Windows user all my life and being familiar with all the software and functional keys of Microsoft Windows, will i get familiar with a Mac machine? I have been carrying my Acer Laptop for the last 3 years, it is a good laptop; some of set-backs for this machine are the battery operating time only lasted me an hour+, every-time i used the laptop, power charges must be prepared and standby. The sound of the speaker is really soft, it hardly can be heard, worst of all it is really heavy. But i was in a dilemma which i upgrade my laptop towards a Ultrabook instead (since i have been giving Ultrabook training with Intel) or i should get myself a MacBook Air (it is much expensive compare to any Ultrabook with a similar specs).

But being huge fans of Jobs, i decided to get myself a MacBook Air and here I am typing this blog post using it. The experiences of using this machine for the last couple of weeks were simply amazing. The battery life can last up to 8 hrs on full capacity, the display is excellent fine and most important it is really light.

MacBook Air
MacBook Air

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