The Value of Life

18 Aug

He is a black man who is born in the year of 1963 in Brooklyn, New York.
He was born in a poor family with 4 siblings and his father could not afford the family’s expenses.
His childhood spent in poverty and discrimination.

He could not see what hope for the future.
When he was 13-year-old, his father gave him an old clothes and asked: “How much this dress can be worth?”
“Probably $1.00,” he replied.
“Could you sell for $2.00? If you could sell, it is a great help to me and your mother”.
He nodded: “I can try, but may not be able to sell”.

He carefully washed the clothes clean, with no iron available; he brush the clothes with a brush tile and dried it on a flat-panel.
The next day he took the clothes, came to the crowded subway station after standing there for more than six hours, he finally sold it.
He raced all the way back home holding the $2.00 he made.
After since that day, he would search all the old clothes he could find, washed them and sell it.
So over the days his father gave him another an old clothes: “Think about how this dress can be sold for $20.00.
How could that be? It is at best worth only $2.00. He responded.
His father inspired him by saying: “Why not you give it a try? You have a will, you always find a way.
He finally thought of a way
He approached one of his cousin brothers who are studying art to help him to draw Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck on the shirt.
He chooses to sell the shirt in nearby school full of rich student.
Soon a car passed by and the driver step down and bought the shirt for his young little master.
The young boy was so happy with the design of the shirt and tipped him with addition $5.00
With $25.00 of sales, it is indeed a huge sum of money which is equivalent to month’s wages of his father.
After returning home, his father gave him another shirt: “Can you sell this for $ 200?” His father said
This time he did not hesitate and took the shirt quietly

About 2 months later, the popular Charlie’s Angels actress – Farrah Fawcett came to New York to do a press conference.
He pushed away the security rushed to Farrah Fawcett holding the old shirt for her signature after the end of the press conference.
Farrah Fawcett happily signed on her autograph the shirt that the young boy was holding.
He was then shouting: “Shirt signed with Ms. Farrah Fawcett’s autograph cost $200”.
After going through some live auction, a businessman acquired the shirt with the price of $ 1,200.
It was an exciting day for the family
With tear in his father eyes: “I never thought that you would make it, you’re such amazing my son”.
Then father asked: “What have you learn from selling the clothes so far?”
He replied: “If we willing to use our brain, we find a way.
The father nodded and shook his head:
“You are quite right! But this is not my original intention
I just want to tell you, even an old clothes value at $1.00, could have ways to be increase in value, not to mention for human beam like we are?
It does not matter is we’re born black and poor, as long as we work hard in our life we shall be different someday.
The boy suddenly realizes something important from his father’s lessons.
From that day onwards, he work hard and make a different in his life and

20 years later, his is famous and know by everyone in the world.

His is Michael Jordon.



他有四個兄弟姊妹 父親微薄的工資根本無法維持家用
對於未來 他看不到什麼希望
那年 他十三歲 父親給他一件舊衣服 : “ 這件衣服能值多少錢? “
“ 大概一美元” 他回答
“能賣到二美元嗎? 要是你賣掉了,也算幫了我和妳媽媽 “
他點了點頭 : “ 我可以試一試 但不一定能賣掉 “
他小心的把衣服洗乾淨’ 沒有熨斗 就用刷子把衣服刷平 鋪在一塊平板上曬乾
第二天 他帶著這件衣服來到人流密集的地鐵站 經過六個多小時的叫賣 他終於賣出了這件衣服
他緊緊的拿著二美元 一路奔回了家
以後 每天他都熱衷於從拉圾堆裡掏出舊衣服 打理好後去鬧市裡賣
如此過了十多天 父親又遞給他一件舊衣服 : “ 你想想 這件衣服怎樣才能賣到二十美元? “
怎麼可能? 它頂多值二美元
父親啟發他 : “你為什麼不試一試? 總會有辦法的 “
終於 他想到了一個辦法
不一會 一個開車接少爺放學的管家為他的小少爺買下了這件衣服
那個十來歲的孩子很高興 還給了他五美元的小費
25美元 這無疑一筆鉅款! 相當於他父親一個月的工資
回到家後 父親又遞給他一件舊衣服 : “你能把他賣到200美元嗎?” 父親的目光幽幽的閃著光
這一回 他沒有猶疑 沉靜的接過衣服
二個月後 當紅電影<霹靂嬌娃>的女主角拉佛西來紐約做宣傳
記者招待會結束後 他推開身邊的保安 衝到拉佛西身邊 舉著舊衣服請她簽名
他激動的一陣歡呼 : “ 拉佛西小姐親筆簽名的運動衫 售價200美元! “
經過現場競價 一名商人以1200美元的高價收購了這件運動衫
回到家裡 一家人都禁不住狂歡……….
父親感動得淚水橫流 : “沒想到你真的做到了! 我的孩子! 你真的很棒!!”
這個晚上 父親與他抵足而眠
父親問: “ 孩子 從賣這三件衣服中 你明白了什麼?”
他感動的說: ”只要肯動腦筋辦法總會有的  ”
我們只不過黑一點、窮一點 但這又有什麼關係呢?”

他就是~ 麥可 喬丹


2 Responses to “The Value of Life”

  1. Sirius December 17, 2012 at 09:09 #

    is this story true? where is it from?

    • leikhong December 17, 2012 at 10:01 #

      from Michael Jordon Bibliographic

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