Catching Up…June 2012 – 1-World New Condo

12 Jul

I have committed to myself that i would blog at least once per month. For the past 2 years were going well until i broke the rhythm for June 2012. Looking back at the calender it seem like a busy June for me; but being busy doesn’t mean it is productive.

Anyway, then are a lot of catching up to do on this July entering Q3 of 2012.

A quick news to share is i finally got the keys of my new condo after a long construction since 2009. I was pretty impress with surrounding of the condo, even i’m expecting a large built-up of commercial shop-lots and buildings. The design of the area look classy (at least at this moment), i do hope that there will be some good businesses decide to open up their business in this area.

Looking at the finishing works on my condo which is located at floor 25th, I’m too felt impress with the good works done. The concern i always had for newly complete condo is always the poor finishing. Where owner would required to spend addition money to touch up the unit before moving in.  There is why i keep on remind myself to sell off the unit after completion. But after viewing the unit, i start to change my mind. Instead of selling it off quickly; now i could just slightly touch up the unit and furnish it with some simple furniture and electrical appliances i could rent it out very soon.

With the good condition and the potential of the near-by surrounding, i’m sure that the value shall appreciate very soon, so not rushing to sell off.

Living Room

Balcony View to Penang Airport & 2nd Bridge

Kitchen and Yard

Corridor to the 3 Bedrooms

Master Bed Room

Bedroom view to Sunshine square



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