Pinterest – the next big social media to watch out!!

30 Apr


The name of Pinterest had been regularly pop up at my computer screen, many people are talking about it. Saying this new social media platform maybe the next big wave after the success of Facebook and Twitter.

With this i took the opportunity to do some research on it and have conducted a sharing session on Digital Profit Club meeting dated 11 April 2012.

“Succeeding on Pinterest is about finding how your products or services fit into the lifestyles of your target audience.”

I used the above tag line to begin my sharing about Pinterest on DPC meeting, indeed Pinterest is really a very interesting new platform to business people to look into it. The overall feeling i had over Pinterest is it’s just like Twitter, allowing user to post their personal or business status; but with Pinterest instead of using text, you used Picture….

User can create a Pin Board where you could then “pin” all the interesting pictures, photos that you liked into the Pin Board. Where you could share among friends and enable your friends to LIKE, Comment or even re-pin the photo. You can either “pin” the from a website/blog or even upload from your computer.

Imaging if you’re in the retails business, Pinterest  would be a fantastic tool for you to create awareness and drive leads into your website / blog. There is auto link creation once your photo is being pined, Pinterest will auto generate a link from the Pin Board to your website. So every visitor who visited your Pin Board and clicked on the photo shall able to link to your website where the original photo was located.

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Here i enclosed the PowerPoint Presentation presented during DPC Meeting

Pinterest - Coach Leik Hong is sharing on the new social media Pinterest

Pinterest - participants are interested to know more about Pinterest


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