Shelterbox Regional Conference

18 Oct

For some reasons this post have been delayed for a couple of weeks since in returned from Jakarta. Glad that i do have some time today to complete the writing and post it up.

With a great honor and surprise i was invited by Shelterbox International (UK) to attend the Shelterbox Regional Conference on 19th – 21st Sept 2011, Jakarta, Indonesia. I received an email from Lasse, who is the International Director of Shelterbox International in the month of June. In his email, Shelterbox would like me to participate the regional affiliate conference and would be gladly to sponsor all my traveling expenses to Jakarta.

Indeed is an honor to represent Rotary District 3300, Malaysia to attend the meeting after i found out there were no other people who are coming from the same district. Instead for traveling alone, i decided to invite another friend of mine to come along, by sharing half of his traveling cost (since i’m going to be sponsor). Shelterbox generously responded that they would now sponsor 2pax of traveling fees with the condition of this friend of mine would help on my future Shelterbox’s work. After a few invitations, Jams Ong finally agreed to tag along with me to this conference.

The trip was such an amazing experiences, being to Jakarta for the first time. It is really an eyes opener for me, especially on the traffic condition of Jakarta’s city. We stayed in a nice hotel in the center of the city, representative of Shelterbox across Asia Pacific of different counties were there to share their Shelterbox’s experiences. I guess, James and myself learned a lot more about the program of Shelterbox and how we could make a different to the people who are in disaster.

After returning to Malaysia, we have decided to should begin to setup the Shelterbox Associate program, where we would like to gather a group of Rotaract Alumni and friends to begin some projects for Shelterbox. Our simple goal is to raise 100boxes by the Dec 2014, which is equivalent of a funds raise of US$100,000.

I’m sure this will be a long and fun journey down the road.

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James Ong and me with the ShelterBox's management team from UK - Lasse (Director of SB), Tom (CEO & Founder of SB) and Coralie (International Affiliates Coordinator of SB)

LeikHong with PRIVP Gary HuangJames with PRID John

ShelterBox Charity Golf with PRIVP Gary, ShelterBox Indonesia Chair PP Eva and President Roger (D3310 Singapore)


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