Digital Profit Club – LinkedIn 14 Sept 2011

15 Sep

14 Sept 2011,

We discussed about the topic of LinkedIn on our DPC meeting today. LinkedIn is a social media platform which by far not too popular in our region. Many people may hear of LinkedIn or even owned an account with it; but not too many people are using it in the optimal benefits as we should.

LinkedIn is a social media platform specially cater for professional and business. Where the average age for is LinkedIn member is age 41 compare to Facebook of an average age of 28.

This platform is good to generate business enquiry. There are many disucssion Groups available in LinkedIn, where members can join and contribute their professional comments to the group and answering some questions of others. Indirectly generating leads and business opportunity among members of the same group and interest.

Top 6 suggestions to grow business on LinkedIn:

1. Professional Profile – only update your professional details, leave other personal contents on other platform like Facebook

2. Regular Share and Update

3. Comment on others’ update

4. Use LinkedIn Apps to enhance your profile

5. Join Group and interact appriorately

6. Share blog post with your group and friends

For more details and refer to the powerpoint below:


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