Notes for August 2011

11 Aug

Month of August 2011

If I could just recalled the dramatic changes happened for the past few months was just so fascinating. Things have not been the same since I returned from my Hong Kong’s trip. I think of doing the thing you love doing and do it with passion and persistence would definitely helps.

That is one old quote I love very much said “Success only occurred when Opportunity meet Preparation”. For the past many years I had kept myself prepare, I invested a lot of money (as least to my best ability) on myself, making risking decisions and maintain a low lifestyle (which I did not change my car while I could afford it).

In every success that is a price to pay and sometime we have to give up certain things to pursue for a bigger dream. I guess the same story happened on every successful individual. I’m still not too sure whether I would be successful in the days to come; but I’m pretty sure my persistent is definitely going to lead me to somewhere, a light that is at the end of the tunnel (not a train that coming from the opposite direction).

Finger cross on the good things (business opportunities) that are laying in front of me. Let’s make things possible….i’m hungry for success!!


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