Digital Profit Club 11 May meeting – How Facebook is Going to Boom Your Business?

12 May

Topic of the day: How Facebook is Going to Boom Your Business?
Speaker: Mr. Byran Gan (CEO and Founder of Comdev)

Digital Profit Club (DPC) has been running for the past 5 months, this meeting is definitely the most overwhelming meeting we ever had.
With great pleasure and honor, DPC had invited the CEO & Founder of Comdev, Mr. Byran Gan as our guest speaker of the day.

Byran is a long-timer internet/software entrepreneur of 12 years shared with us, how businesses can interact with their customers on Facebook, getting word-of-mouth spreads among friends of customers, building brand awareness and customer loyalty. There are much more that we can explore for our business activities on Facebook.

Facebook is the No 2 most active site on the Internet, after Google. There are more than 600 million Facebook users with 50% of them logon every day. So, how can you monetize Facebook for your business?

Enjoy of the of highlight below:

Meeting packed with members and guests

Participants are thrilled with Byran's sharing

Byran is sharing the Facebook Marketing concept

Coach LeikHong showing Dr. Hari on the online application

Token of appreciation to Byran by Coach LeikHong

Digital Profit Club_006

Fellowship (makan) & networking among members after the meeting


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