Important Things in Life

I was conducting the Time Mastery workshop to a group of my clients in KL. Within the topic, basically people are driven by only 2 things – Urgency and Important.

In the time management matrix some people are spending too much of their time doing things which are “Not Urgent” and “Not Important”, likes: watching too much TV, spending too much time playing online games and many other unproductive activities against your personal goals.

Generally, majority of people are focusing a lot on the “Urgent” & “Important” things….basically on the stuffs which is very important and you can’t afford to procrastinate any further otherwise the damage will huge.

What indeed we should have been focusing are on the stuffs which are “Important” but “Not Urgent”. If we have spent enough time doing all of these very well, we will not ended up in the crisis area for too often.

Here are some of the good examples that of the “Important” stuffs we should look into, enjoy the video:

2 thoughts on “Important Things in Life

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  1. Great video sharing here. i enjoy watching this video clip. Life is short, so we should “focus” more on important stuffs . I like the statement shown in the video esp this one “be true to yourself” and “don’t compare yourself with others”.

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