A good reason to venture into the unknow

12 May

I was indeed not very happy today, after i learn on the news on how my company is given out the Q1 incentive scheme. It was pretty surprise for me that on what i have been understand for all the while was just misunderstanding, an illusion. With the latest calculation i received from my boss, it was not really impressive. It was how less on what i have been expected.

but what to do, this is the practice and decision of the company…..i have to accept it lol

With such outcome i really have to re-strategies my financial planning, now i can’t clear off my outstanding bills….meaning i would need to continue my monthly installments and be caution on my future spending.

Anyway, that is no point complain about the situation where i could not change, instead of i should be more aggressive searching for other possible way out to resolve the pending issues. It is indeed a prefect timing and now i have a good solid reason to search for my passion and focus on the things that i love to do. To become daring in making another daring decision again…

I still strong believed that if you follow your heart and enjoy what you love to do…..all the good things (including $$) will flow according to your direction.

~if you lost someone you love, remember the good moment you had and cherish all the good in future~


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