over budget spending

25 Mar

I have to admit that i have over spend on my budget recently. I always has been a careful (stingy) person when it come to money, i understand that the important of available cash flow on hand, with so i am pretty good in saving. But recently i have another thought about $$, i learn that $$ is earn to be use. The question is how do use it wisely? Hmmm….. the usual practice i have is to spend the money on myself, pampering myself with good stuffs. But for now i learn the more important is to give rather than spend it alone on myself. With this i start to spend $$ on my family members, on my friends and even to some other people i don’t know via donation and charity. I have donate more $$ to charitable org than ever. But all these spending did not exceed my spending budget, i always spend within my mean. The one which i caught over budget is still the spending on myself – just that this time is to invest myself on education. A very special kind of education —- is about $$ and passion.

There are a total of 2 programs which i have enrolled, the first one is about how to create multiple source of incomes and the another one is about how to become a trainer (which is an industry i always admire and want to be part of it). the total sum of these programs cost me RM20k, excluding all the traveling and lodging fees. It is indeed a big sum of money i’m spending (investing) on myself, the fees is even larger than i did on my Bsc program; but from what i understand the potential of the return will be incredible. And i am very much believed this could help me achieve what i plan to achieve.

In life there are always risks in what ever things we are doing, the university’s course you chose, the career path you decide to go on and even the friends and spouse of your choice. The meaning of life is to make the best choice available to us and do the best out of our available choices.

For for the coming 1-2yrs i would need to be a bit more caution on my future spending whereby all the 20k is going to pay via credit card installments, but if my return going to happen in the soonest possible, i might not need to even have to worry on this no more………


One Response to “over budget spending”

  1. Yogz March 30, 2010 at 01:31 #

    All the best to you, bro~~!!

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