2010 Holiday Plans

4 Mar

Marching to March 2010, after the Chinese New Year break it is now backing to the routine of work. March is an important month for me, especially for the business I’m in, it represent the final month of Q1; in another word is also denote the achievement of my Q1 sales results (a.k.a sales incentive)
I begin my 2010 sales pretty well (thanks to the ramp up of customer’s production), after 2 months of hard work, the sale generated is on par with budget, I would just need to ship and bill accordingly to achieve my first incentive from Arrow.

So what to do with the $$?

I am thinking to plan a traveling trip……since I have been traveling generously for the past couple of years. I have a few ideals in mind……

• Taiwan – Rotaract Good Will Visit >> it was initial trip I have in mind since I do have many good friends in TW; but the Distirct traveling schedule is a bit too tight for myself. (X)
• Ukraine – Another Rotaract Culture Exchange program >> this is really interest me when I first came across the news. Visiting a mystery land with a very reasonable rate (65euro to the host + Air Fare + Visa + pocket money and that is all). Well after some survey, straight apply for the position without much hesitation. But recently due to some unexpected opportunity, would this be still feasible to proceed? Finger cross….
• Australia – Not APRRC Sydney >> is just that I do have a friend staying in Melbourne, which it might be a good opportunity for me to travel for the first time to the Kangaroo land.
• Vietnam – Family trip >> as a promise to my mom which I would bring the family for a short trip to Vietnam, likely this would happened later in this year. Got to keep my words….
• Others – possible places >> who know, for a good reason and a companion, why not….

So with finger cross, first need to achieve the Q1 incentive!! Then decide where to go!!


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