Thoughts on Steve Jobs’s address

8 Feb

Listening to Steve Jobs’ address below is one of the best inspiring speeches I have ever encountered.  Even though this video has been widely share on youtube globally; but not only until year 2009 which I have come across the video, when I have a random search on Google.

Since then I have been repeating watching this video for many times, and I even went and search for the actual text of his speech, sharing on Facebook with my friends. I really fall for the messages which Steve was sharing in the video. It’s in some ways the stories and the messages were so stunning and matched the inner voice of mine.

The story which he shared was not new to me or to anyone of us, I am sure that in somewhere and somehow you may have heard or read from someone or some reading materials. It was just a simple message – believed in yourself and does what you love

His story begin on how he had trusted on his faith (inner voice) to make the dramatic decisions of his life, where he was not sure how his future is going to go about, but looking back 10years later, he had made the correct decision to drop out from college.  The success he built on Apple, and experienced the biggest failure of his life where he got fired from a company he started. The closest death encounter he had on his cancer treatment.

We would encounter many uncertain moment in our life, moment that we felt lost, insecure, which we do not know what to do next. The important lesson is we don’t lost faith on ourselves, we must maintain positive and believe that situation will turn out just fine on the things we felt strongly doing.

In order to keep such passion on going, we must first do what we love to do. Only doing things we felt passionate about, and then we would have strong faith and believe toward ourselves.

After sometime then when we look back, realizing that the actual situation was not as bad as it seem to be. Every single incident we gone through it will turn out to be a great lesson, a priceless experience where you will not trade it for other thing.

I personally felt very true of such scenario; life was great for me back in 2007/08. I was enjoying my lifted in my career, experienced and exploring new staffs (challenges). Things were greats despite the challenges (anyway I do love challenges). But when all the good things shifted its direction in 2009, I started find myself lost, I do not know what I suppose to do next. Am I making the correct decision on my next move? I did not know then. The only guideline I have back then was to listen to my inner voice, what my gut told me. It was not a pleasant experience

After repeating watching this video for many times, I am sure the lessons I learn would come back useful for me in the future. I still don’t know how would that be; but as long as I am following my heart and intuition, someday I would find out the truth.

There are many great quotes Steve quoted in his speech, but the one I found most impressive is these 4 little words – “Stay Hungry; Stay Foolish”

A simple phase that describe all about altitude, mindset and belief. Which I would keep this in mind for a long long time!!


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