Connecting the Dots

1 Jan

Today mark a new day and a new beginning. The first day of 2010 and I’ am turning 30 this year. Time really fly, I start to forgot what was like 10 year ago, what my dreams were and what I search for in life.

At the beginning of every year like today, I tend to make a number of New Year resolutions and things which I like to achieve this coming year. But most of it did not turn up as it suppose to be, it was never a big deal then, cause I could follow up on the following year, I could tell myself I still have time….and year by year its go on, not much significant had ever happened.

2009 was a challenging year for me at least. Encountered many great experiences (mistakes) and big lessons which I could remember for life, to be frank it was not quite pleasant. Tough decisions need to make back then and losing some things which will never be able to recover. But I guess some time in life we need to take some difficult path, it was painful but it was the correct thing to do (I hope).

Maybe at these moment I am still not too sure where this journey going to lead me? A brighter future? But I’m sure that if I look back one day from the future, 2009 will be a year which becomes my turning point. As where we don’t quite see the dots connecting forward from now; but someday when we look backward and all the connected dots will start to make sense, a complete picture then.

So what is my resolution for 2010? I am going to make it simple this time, no more fancy big dreams. I would just simple focus on achieving the things I love to do and have passion doing it.

All the sudden I realized that the important of life is happiness, and to be happy is where we could do the things we love to do and be with the people we love.

With this I’m going to spend my time, energy and resources in this direction, would it be just wonderful to live a simple and passion life?

~ Every man dies, not every man really lives ~



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