Finding your Niche Market and Apply the Right Marketing Tactics

Niche Marketing Where is your market? Finding your niche market Typically you can break the market into four categories:1) People who have a high need and ready to buy Focus Tactics: Google Ads | A clear message | Call to action | Close follow-up   Focus Outcome: Satisfy customer's need and closed the sales 2) People who have... Continue Reading →

Bring Your Business Online Fast

"With just a press of a button and now your business is online, and you're ready to receive orders from everywhere." 📲"Building a seven-figures business from your bedroom." 👩‍💻"With little or no investment." 💵 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻 These are the statements what you usually hear some Gurus or from Ads. But it is that simple? I'm going break it down for... Continue Reading →

Ge Ready to Pivot Your Business

With the uncertain situation ahead of us, many business leaders would need to find a new direction for their business. Some retail outlets shifted their business online, engaging customers via the eCommerce platform. Restaurant/cafes had pivot into delivery services, and professional services also begin to meet customer via Zoom or other available online platforms. But... Continue Reading →

The Guide to Create a Winning Team

#MCO or not a business needs to take care of their people. And having a group of talents working together is what made a company great. But many companies have challenges recruiting and keeping talents. When a newbie joins the organisation, he is excited, and he is ready to change the world. But sadly, when time... Continue Reading →

7 Q&A you may have as an employer during this Restricted Movement of Covid-19.

7 Q&A you may have as an employer during this Restricted Movement of Covid-19. 身为雇主 (Employer) 你可能会有的7个问题 (是中英同文) Q1: Can I request staff to take annual leave during the lockdown period announced by the government? A: No, the 14 day lockdown period is mandated by the government; the employer cannot deduct annual leave.Q1: 我可以在政府宣布的行动管制期间要求员工使用其有薪假期吗? A:... Continue Reading →

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