Becoming a Salesperson again

I have a new identity in this year 2021, becoming a Salesperson again. In the early years of my career, I was the salesperson for a few companies, selling products ranging from the medical service contract, recruitment services to engineering products.And I learn a lot during those days. After I made my career shift in 2010,I only... Continue Reading →

The Elements of Value — Deliver actual value to customers.

🎉 In this new year, if you're looking to deliver actual value to your customers, but not sure about where to begin. 🌟 Use this is the 'Elements of Value' to your advantage, there are a total of 30 values, that consumers would consider valuable. 👀 First, look at your own brand, how many values... Continue Reading →

Goals Setting for the Year 2021

🏅 Goals Setting Template: I have been using this goal setting template since 2010, and it has served me well since. The template is divided into three sections: Review 👀Plan 🔖Action 🏃‍♂️ Review --- answer all these questions:1.1 What milestones/goals did you achieved in the year 2020?1.2 What difference has this made to you and your... Continue Reading →

5 Key Things When Choosing a Manufacturing Partner

Product development can be a tedious process, and choosing for the right manufacturing partner for your business can be overwhelming if you don't know where to begin. Cosmetic ODM/OEM When you are choosing your manufacturing partner, there are so much to be considered: the capabilities and expertise of the manufacturerthe quality controleffective communication between you... Continue Reading →

Website: 5sec to stay or leave?

🖥 Website Design Tips:- The most important section of a website is the header. ⏰ And you would only have 5-7 sec to impress the visitor to stay or leave. 🤔 What should you include in your header?...Address these three questions on your header design (graphic & text):What do you offer?How can you make my... Continue Reading →

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