Facebook Removes 20% Text Rule on FB Ads

BIG news for Facebook advertisers: Facebook is removing its' <20% text in image rule for ads. source: Facebook If you have created ads in Facebook, I'm sure you get frustrated when you been informed by Facebook that your ads are being rejected because the images did not comply with the Facebook Ads 20% Rule. Now... Continue Reading →

“How to get Hired during Covid session?”

Malaysia unemployment rate escalates to 5.3% in May, and these have concerns many Malaysian. Even though after the implementation of RMCO, things have gone a bit better, but the future of our job market remains uncertain. And people are worries. https://youtu.be/cV35vKvilZQ In this week Marketing Makeover Facebook Live Show, we share with you (employee/fresh grad)... Continue Reading →

Bring Your Business Online Fast

"With just a press of a button and now your business is online, and you're ready to receive orders from everywhere." 📲"Building a seven-figures business from your bedroom." 👩‍💻"With little or no investment." 💵 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻 These are the statements what you usually hear some Gurus or from Ads. But it is that simple? I'm going break it down for... Continue Reading →

Ge Ready to Pivot Your Business

With the uncertain situation ahead of us, many business leaders would need to find a new direction for their business. Some retail outlets shifted their business online, engaging customers via the eCommerce platform. Restaurant/cafes had pivot into delivery services, and professional services also begin to meet customer via Zoom or other available online platforms. But... Continue Reading →

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